Shorts Spandex

Shorts Spandex for Men

Shorts in spandex are some of the hottest designs in the clothing business.  The hottest new shorts in spandex styles are in men’s swimwear and men’s workout clothing. Micro shorts aka short shorts for men are simply amazing designs created to highlight men’s bodies and show off some skin. Beautiful rears that show some cheek and bulge style pouches which makes your equipment the center of attention. On the other end of the spectrum there are shorts spandex styles that are made for men who are into the feminine experience. These designs are called male to female transformation and they repackage the penis so it looks like a beautiful little vagina. This lets the wearer get in touch with their inner feminine. It’s amazing how much men’s shorts have changed in such a short time. They have gone from baggy oversized long length designs with very little style to these amazing form fitting creations that make your body look fantastic. We are here to show you the new and exciting world of fashion shorts for men including workout designs, swimwear styles and even sexy shorts you can wear out on the town.


Shorts spandex has its roots in sports and swimming but has most men  know they have moved on from sports into the world of sexy men’s lingerie and even to extreme men's swimwear.

There is an exciting change in Shorts spandex it is about time. For many years sexy lingerie was limited to women and yes we know that women look great in their tiny little tight fitting and ultra sexy clothing but it is time men stepped up and Shorts spandex is the right place to start. Gay men have a step up on the straight men but the playing field is leveling out with all male gender preferences enjoying the freedom and style of fun and extreme Shorts spandex fashion.. Now there are amazing Shorts spandex fashion and swimwear designs. Many of the Shorts spandex designs can crossover and be used for swimwear.

My favorite Shorts spandex designs are made of spandex. Many consider spandex Lycra to be the sexiest best looking fabric on the planet. It absolutely molds and forms to a mans body and the right Shorts spandex designs will look like they are painted on. Great designs in sexy wear show all the intimate details and they show them so everyone can see, all the more fun!. The outline of your equipment, the shape of your butt and some get even more playful then that outline the meat in exact detail. It is so much fun exposing yourself to another intimate person.

The Shorts spandex designs we will look at today are from Koala and all designed by Michael David. Some of his intense designs can be found in modern art museums throughout Europe and are a major force in the fetish world.

Let’s run the scope of men’s Shorts spandex, swim, fetish and sex wear that Koala offers. The most conservative styles they offer men’s Shorts spandex fashion style bikinis. These bikinis would be considered extreme on their own compared to say Speedos or normal bikini underwear. They just offer so much less coverage. Bikinis that are designed to show all the curves and show your package and do it in a way that will turn you and your partner, wife or boyfriend  Some of the bikini designs include shaft sleeves and adjustable rings that allow your pouch to look its fullest and make your shaft stand out.. From there Koala offers an amazing assortment of thong and g-string Shorts spandex underwear. There are the fetish style that include pouch shapes that are correct in shape and form, these show every detail of everything and are beyond belief, so blow away in shape and function that once you try these you will never go back to normal mens Shorts spandex.

There are so many other designs including sheer, anal plug and anal ball designs, ultra micro jockstrap underwear and more. Please visit to see the entire line. It is guaranteed to get you hot! In addition Koala offers a full line of male to female transformation men’s underwear fashion designs. These are as the imply suits that make a man look just like a girl. We find that not only transsexuals but gay and straight men alike along with woman who order these suits for the fetish pleasure of because there man is a sissy. Its all fun and exciting! Shorts spandex styles are some of the fasted growing men’s designs, great for the beach, sports including short shorts for yoga and just day to day fun. Some sexy men’s styles are showing up at gyms across the country!